Monday, November 22, 2010

New Projects!

Here at Lovesick Robot Labs, we find ourselves experimenting with a LOT of different processes and techniques in order to develop new products. This is mostly due to us getting easily bored and distracted, but it's ALSO because we want to offer fun and interesting services to our customers!

For example, this weekend we knocked out a couple of prototypes during our free-studio hours:

A friend of ours requested an Aperture Laboratories lab coat inspired by the upcoming Portal 2 game that's being released in 2011. The logos screen printed beautifully, so we're thinking of offering these in the shop! Leaving comments to let us know how you feel about that would be most helpful :D

Also, Brent got a sandblasting itch this weekend, so he built a sandblasting cabinet and etched our logo into one of the boring glass mugs we had laying around.

We don't have much of an opportunity to hear from our customers, (which is kind of why we started this blog), so if you like what you see, please let us know! We'd be more than happy to make some of these fine wares for you :D

Team Bublitz, out!

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