Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cuteness Overload

 It has been a mind-numbingly busy holiday time for us at the Lovesick Robot HQ, so we haven't been able to muster up much time for blog posts to keep our readers informed and/or entertained.

Fear not! There are other Etsiers who have their shit together this holiday season, and THEY have blog posts to keep you informed and/or entertained! As if you didn't know that ;)

One Etsier in particular, Petit Hermine, made a really great blog post inspired by that one Target commercial with the dancing robot Santa Claus. Lots of awesome stuff from all over Etsy in there (including our ATAT vinyl decal), and I think I'm going to die from how cute that Tiny Handmade Canbot Robot is.

Thanks for thinking of us, Petit Hermine, and I hope everyone is having a relatively stress-free week before Christmas! \o/

Team Bublitz, out <3

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