Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

I've been feeling the itch to sew pretty hardcore lately, so I decided to embark on a journey to make a sleeve for Brent's Nook Color.

"Sweet!" I say after finding plenty of tutorials on the web to follow, "This'll take two hours, tops!"

Now, there are two facts that must be kept in mind here:

1- I am a total n00b at sewing. I've completed maybe two or three projects (with countless unfinished pieces littering some forgotten corner of the studio), and my ability to EpicFail during projects is pretty astounding.

2- My sewing machine is a spiteful asshole. People who are actually good at sewing have used that machine and have put this fact in writing for me.

Despite these two bulletpoints, Brent and I cheerfully went to purchase some fabric and other small what nots to begin. I initially began with this tutorial at Amy a la Mode, changing up my measurements to match the Nook and charging blindly into the fray. This is what I came up with:

This tutorial had me trying a few techniques I had never done before (quilting batting onto fabric, for example). It turned out a bit bulkier than I would like, probably because the tutorial was originally designed with a larger laptop in mind, and I didn't quite get step number 9 without the aid of a photo. This particular Nook sleeve felt a little too "homemade" for my taste due to the excess bulkiness, so I think I'll try making a laptop sleeve with that tutorial later on.

The second tutorial I found was over at Ars Technica, and seemed to be written for the craftily-challenged such as myself. Making this bag was significantly more simple and yielded tighter results:

Still, this particular sleeve didn't have that "substantial" feel that I wanted in the design. It looks like I'll need to combine the two into a Tutorial Voltron so I can get something that's just right for the Nook.

Total time: 2 days (I was only 46 hours off...)

Once I (we) get this right, we'll maybe offer sleeves for various electronics in the shop! We still have a long way to go til that happens, however, so stay tuned...

Team Bublitz, out!

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