Sunday, February 6, 2011

Geek Girl Con Exclusive Original Prints!

I've been on board with the idea of Geek Girl Con since it's inception nearly a year ago, and I've been rarin' to do my small part in helping these guys get the monies they need to make this thing happen. We need more women in scientific and mathematical fields of work, and I believe that getting young girls (and kids in general, really) involved with the science fiction community helps foster that goal. Cue Geek Girl Con:

"Geek Girl Con is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of and celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in all aspects of science fiction, comics, gaming and related Geek culture through conventions and events that emphasize both historic and ongoing contribution and influence of women in this culture."

In order to help, Brent and I are contributing to the periodic art-and-object auctions they hold to finance the con with a series of limited edition screen prints. Modified from our "Han Shot First" pinup print, the limited edition screen prints announce their support for the con with a simple "Geek Girl Con 2011" beneath the larger text. There are seven signed and numbered production prints, and we've destroyed the screens so there won't be any more of them. Ever.

Furthermore, we are sending these prints out in the mail this weekend, so the auctions are NIGH UPON YOU, GOOD CITIZENS.

Be sure to follow @GeekGirlCon for updates regarding all things GGC, and give them some love. They are swell people.

Team Bublitz, out!

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